Bolivie – Chile, the powers of the earth

For motivated enthusiasts in good physical shape, seven volcano hikes (at an altitude higher than 5.000 meters) in order to closely observe the Occidental cordillera’s telluric phenomena on this natural border between Bolivia and Chile.
On the menu: solfatares, geysers, hot springs and dormant craters. Beware of the awakening!
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Costa Rica, terra volcanica

There are more than a hundred known volcanoes in Costa Rica, a certain amount of which are still in activity. Boy, are they active!
Judge by yourselves with this discovery programme with a naturalist guide, especially made for hikers nature-loving hikers.
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Ecuador’s volcano avenue

It’s because they line up, uninterrupted on the road which crosses Ecuador from north to south that German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt nicknamed it “volcano avenue”.
We invite you to discover this majestic alleyway by getting charmed by yesteryear’s haciendas and the vitality of grassroots markets with thousands of colours and tastes.
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