Colombia, aquarium delirium

Gorgona. With such a name, this island lost in the Pacific couldn´t become anything better than a prison.
Until 1985, only convicts had the privilege to observe the ballet of the humpback whales, sperm whales, dolphins, sharks and other sea wolves that swarm in those temperate waters.
Now that it is a national park, everybody is invited to profit from this delirious aquarium!

Rhythm of Brazil, samba special in Rio

For beginners or true lovers, 10 days to dive into the rhythm of samba.
A conference as appetizer, daily courses to learn the step, and in the spare time visits to characteristic sites of Rio.
Not forgetting the night, practice. A lot of practice!

Ecuador, the shamans of the forest

In the Ecuadorian Amazonia, the indigenous Shuar are known for practicing an enigmatic and spectacular medicine based on therapeutic plants (and hallucinogens).
We offer you to discover the foundations and the effects during a few days in the forest, in company of the shamans.
Wow, I feel something all of a sudden…

All destinations, a family treasure hunt

This morning we have found a mysterious letter in the mailbox.
There would be a treasure on the other side of the world and children are invited to follow his trail.
A ludic adventure for the entire family, at all our Terra destinations!

Argentina – Bolivia – Peru, Andean train

No, they are not like other trains. Definitely higher, more sensational, more unlikely…
From Argentina to Peru, crossing Bolivia, the Altiplano passes by the train window, the slow rhythm of local life that fills the train with its colors and fragrances.
On board!
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Chile, Argentina …
and a river runs

The solitude.
An olympian calm.
The nature, magnificent.
The harmony of the senses.
Breathe; you are fly fishing in Patagonia.