Wild Africa

A large parc or a small reserve? Sleeping in a tent or in a lodge? Self drive or 4×4 and private guide?
South Africa has so many options on offer for an immersion at the heart of wildlife.
Pick your choice…
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Phenomenal Ecuador

25.000 bird species, 3.800 vertebrates…
How can a country like Ecuador can boast having the largest plant and animal diversity in the world?
Come see and get spellbound.
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Life-size Colombia

Three cordilleras, two oceans, Amazonia and even deserts!
Colombia’s fair godmother was very generous.
Flora and fauna match the setting; magnificient.
Think we’re overdoing it? We’re not, honest. Come and take a look for yourself.
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Bolivia, music of the forest

The chant of tall trees when the wind blows in their branches.
The animal kingdom’s murmur, always present, rarely visible.
The baroque chords struck by Jesuit missions, a tremendous cultural legacy
and a jubilant choir’s song
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Costa Rica, the quest for the quetzal

It’s a simple formula:
exceptional geography (mountains surrounded by two oceans)
+ tropical climate
= hundreds of bird specias.
Welcome to ornithologist paradise.
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XXL cruise on the titanesque Amazone

The Amazone, longest river in the world, invariably evokes extraordinary legends, wonderful stories and fantastic beasts.
And what if you explored this legendary watercourse to set the record straight?
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