Today, we have agencies locally based on all four continents.
In America, we are continuously present from Alaska to Patagonia.
This geographical distribution enables us to easily organize routes that include several countries, transnational tours and cross-continent itineraries.

Mythical cities of south America

Buenos Aires & Rio de Janeiro combined

Rio de Janeiro, the languorous. Tropical Sin City, dominated by an innocent Christ the Redeemer.
Fiery Buenos Aires. Bubbling during the day and turbulent at night.
Dive into the indescribable excitement of these mythical cities. And between the two, you pause in the large regions of Patagonia and on the foot of the majestic Iguazu Falls.

Fantastic Islands of the souther hemisphere : Galapagos & Easter Island

Enormous… the stone statues of Easter Island are a mute testimony to the extinction of a civilization.
Gigantic… the turtles that Darwin discovered, appreciative, on the beaches of Galapagos.
Extra-large… the circuit that combines these fantastic and fascinating islands.

Music and dancing in Latin America: Panama City, Rio, Buenos Aires

Salsa. Samba. Tango. Three symbols of the prosperity and diversity of one continent.
Three monuments of the Latin world, expressions of character, so close geographically and so distant culturally.
And three weeks of intensive introduction, just like a challenge.
Tame the salsa temperament in Panama city.
Get drunk on the samba fever in Rio de Janeiro.
Surrender to the magic of tango in Buenos Aires.

Caribbean adventure: Panama - Costa Rica – Nicaragua

A sequence of small countries, the strip of land that unites the two Americas, in some places barely sixty kilometers wide.
So Why is it good to combine various destinations?
Because Costa Rica is nothing like Panama and Nicaragua is something else entirely!

Taste the Caribbean contrasts, tell us the news.

The Andes, all in one: Ecuador - Peru – Bolivia - Chile

The cordillera of the Andes, a monumental South American landmark… and a coherent geographical ensemble in which the great pre-Columbian civilizations flourished.
Today, we invite you to discover this great territory with our combined tours that removes borders and reunite Tahuantinsuyo, the Inca Empire.

Discover the Maya civilisation : Mexico – Guatemala - Belize

Chichen Itza. Tikal.
Two symbols of the magnificence of the Maya. Two styles. Two countries.

You would not travel so far and stop at a border post?

You will notice that Guatemala is not just Tikal
In addition, a short trip to Belize?

Major cross continent crossings

To book any of those unique trips


From Cuzco to Tierra del Fuego:
The Transamerica

More than just a tour, an authentic human adventure.
Living at the fullest is a question of the mindset: one of those that combine curiosity, enthusiasm, and the capacity to adapt with an even temper to the unexpected, that you will inevitably encounter.
Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts, terminal: Ushuaia!

From the Pacific to the Atlantic : The Transcontinental

Valparaiso. The time has come to say goodbye to the ocean, we only see him again, when we reach the other side of the new world. In two months if everything turns out well…
One by one I said the names of the stages that waited for us on the way, and I dreamed like back in the day in front of my all used atlas.
The cordillera of the Andes, Northeastern Argentina, the Altiplano of Bolivia, the Pantanal, the Amazonia…
And my impatience of departing got mixed with the desire of extending the sensation caused by these marvelous words, which significance was still unknown to me.
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