Panama, amerindian saga

Rare feat, Panama displays simultaneously the face of modernity and that of ancient lifestyles admirably preserved.
In the Darien, encountering the Embera and Wounaan peoples, then in the San Blas archipelago with the Guna indians, you will be able to appreciate the permanence of ancestral as well as authentic traditions and customs.
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Australia, dream time

Accompanied by an aboriginal guide, roaming the Pitjantjatjara desert, rife with totemic caves will enable you to better understand “dream time”, a fascinating cosmology at the core of the Australian aboriginals’ beliefs.
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Home-stay at Peru’s lake Titicaca

Sharing the daily life of rural communities, entrenched in millennial history, in turn lavish and dramatic.
This is the aim of this tour rich in encounters which combines home-stays on lake Titicaca and visits of the region’s main tourist attractions (Arequipa, Colca, Cusco and Machu Picchu).
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Colombia, mosaica humana

Anyone who has traveled to Colombia will say it : one of the main attractions in this one-of-a-kind country is the Colombians themselves!
From Bogota’s city dwellers to the Wayuus of the Guajira, to Cartagena’s palanqueras and the Koguis of the Tayrona park, immerse yourself in this heartwarming and colourful humain mosaic.
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South Africa, rainbow nation

Discover one of the world’s most cosmopolitan countries.
From Soweto’s township to Lesotho’s mountains, from Zulu land to the lush valleys of the Drakensberg, from Swaziland to Kruger park, you will meet the peoples of southern Africa on this tour.
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Mexico’s communities

This nomadic tour, varied and colourful invites you to get out of the beaten path to penetrate in the heart of Mexican reality, in the daily life of the “pueblos mancomunados” of the Yucatan, where traditional lifestyles are being perpetuated.
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Immersing yourself into a Bolivian Aymara village…

Driving a pack of lamas to graze, harvesting chuño, a potato which is eaten dehydrated, learning how to recognise the altiplano’s medicinal plants…
Here are some of the activities in which you will be invited to participate during this stay at the heart of andine culture. Rendez-vous in an unknown land.
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