Argentina, the great cavalcade in Patagonia

From up there, you can appreciate the tops of the cordillera, aligned above the lakes.
As night falls, the horses are pampered; we enjoy dinner by the fire.
Guitar chords rise, that cradle men and beasts.
Over our heads, thousands of stars twinkle in the Patagonian sky.
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Mexico, the wild ride

Make a childhood dream come true: galop through landscapes out of a western movie!
From the Sierra Alta’s majestic canyons to the Batopilas region’s lush vegetation, a hike in the middle of nature, as grand as it wild.
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Brazil, on the bandeirantes trail

Since they discovered the new world in the 15th century, the legendary Eldorado fascinated and obsessed Europeans. 200 years later, by chance, a bandeirantes expedition discovered the Minas Gerais’ black gold deposits.
You will follow the footsteps of “Brazil’s discoverers” on this tour deep in the Mantiqueira highlands.
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Gauchos’ Chile

They saw the whole word pass by on these sinuous paths : indians, conquistadors, missionaries…and even Butch Cassidy and the Kid.
This hike invites you to take your turn in following this path, in pure gaucho style.
Experience the strength of open spaces and get up close and personal with the peaks of the Andes.
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