What a good idea the conquistadors had when they brought grapevine in their luggage!
Soil full of character, ideal sunshine, a bit of altitude, but not too much: the conditions in South America are perfect for the blossoming of grapes which make Argentine and Chilians so proud, especially when it comes to Malbec.
Would you like to go on a wine cellar crawl?

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Hot sauce Mexico

For foodies, a tour which will delight your taste buds.
Traditional Yucatan cuisine workshop, many tastings and a few precolombian sites to visit en route.
Caramba, these red things sure are hot!
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Australian cuisine

That’s right, in Australia they also know how to treat themselves.
1 hour from Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula is full of surprises.
Foodies, the land of the kangaroos will amaze you…
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One thousand and one tastes of Brazil

Don’t tell anyone, it’s a well kept secret: Brazilian cuisine is not limited to feijoada drowned in cachaca.
There is a world of tastes in this continent-country and we invite you to discover it by dining in the Minas Gerais, THE region for good food.
Frango ao molho pardo, pao de queijo just out of the over, canjiquinha and feijao tropeiro : venha provar a culinaria brasileira…

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Gourmet Peru

Treat yourself! Here’s a tour that will take you to great restaurants so you can relish on traditional Peruvian cuisine (which has the reputation of being the best in South America) without missing out on any of the must-see sites in southern Peru.
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