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A taste for adventure, independence and team spirit.
These are the principles that led to the creation, in 1998, of Terra Andina Bolivia by 2 friends who then became business partners.

The company has grown over the years, staying true to its founding values: Peru 2001, Brazil 2003, Mexico 2005… destinations have multiplied along with the broadening of its circle of partners, based on a participatory and inclusive model.

Today, it is a collective comprising 25 partners and about 100 collaborators who are part of 18 offices in Latin America, Africa, Australia and Europe.

Terra Group partners

Since 1998, our team of partners has grown steadily, with young talents wanting to come onboard and be a part of the Terra adventure. We are proud to be a part of the Terra team!

Meet Terra Group's organizational team

Our organizational structure is close to a holacracy, with little verticality, and autonomy for our local agencies : after all, they are the ones on the ground and best fit to elaborate their strategy. We have at their disposition, a team of travel and tourism experts to help each Terra agency grow, always taking into account Terra's core values : team spirit, excellence and authenticity. We also create synergy between all our agencies, in order to grow together and get inspired.

Pierre Boyer

Co-founder & Commercial director

Pierre is one of the founders of Terra Group, launched in 1998 and our commercial director.

Sébastien Masson

IT & Communication Director

Sebastien was general manager for our Mexico agency, terra Maya, before becoming our IT & Communication Director.

Constance Faysse

Regional Manager - North and Central America

Constance is still the general manager for our Colombia agency, as well as responsible for our North and Central America Region.

Marie Gadenne

Regional Manager - South America and Africa

Marie was General Manager for our Chile agency before becoming Regional manager for our Andean countries and South Africa.

Marion Salemkour

Area Manager - south america

Marion was General Manager for our Peru agency before becoming Regional manager for our South American countries.

Florian Servant

Regional Manager - Europe

Florian is still the general manager for our Terra Balka agency, as well as our Regional Manager for Europe.

Valerie Alonso

Regional Manager - Europe

Valerie is still the general manager for our Terra Lusitania, Portugal agency, as well as our Regional manager for Europe (alternating with Florian)

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