To guarantee your safety and that of teams on the field (guides, drivers, chaperones…) is more than our responsibility, it is our top priority.This constant commitment is built upon three pillars.


  • selecting qualified, certified and authorized guides and tour operators.
  • regular care, servicing and renewal of vehicles, special equipment(climbing ropes, harnesses, life vests, etc.) and first aid kits.
  • organizing training for guides and chaperones : first aid, survival, how to use a decompression chamber, evacuation procedure in case of injury…
  • preparing and exercising in case of an emergency situation, testing procedures to deal with such situations.
  • exchanging best practices between Terra Group branches.


  • advice to travellers before departure (on our websites and during the trip’s preparation).
  • progressive altitude itineraries (priority to altitude acclimation : see our tips concerning altitude trips).
  • an online sign-in form is at the disposal of travellers which enables the gathering of basic information relative to health (blood type, allergies, ongoing treatment) and insurance of each passenger.
  • detailed health questionnaires for at risk activities (high altitude, diving).
  • Terra Group suggests to its passengers to pruchase travel insurance offered by its partner VALEURS ASSURANCES.
  • Terra Group makes available to its passengers a secure payment system for debit / credit cards through its partner KLIK & PAY.


  • detailed emergency procedures, updated and distributed in our operating branches
  • manuals in their own language are made available to guides and chaperones : first aid, survival, decompression chamber…
  • teams in offices can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • staff is prepared to deal with any kind of situation and to coordinate help and evacuation procedures.
  • it is mandatory for all Terra Group agencies to have civil liability insurance.

Our security and emergency documents