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Incentives & event planning, la chispa latina*
*the Latin spark

Do you wish to gather your co-workers and turn a strategic meeting into a meaningful event that combines work and play in an extraordinary setting?

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Incentive, congress, seminar or convention, each event is unique and made of
different ingredients.

To prepare the best recipe possible, we take it upon ourselves to bring forward
inventiveness and professionalism, our ambition is your satisfaction.

This way, the shared experience of travelling becomes more than a change of
scene and an opportunity to get the whole company excited and show staff they
are valued.

Understanding what the stakes are, closely listening to your needs

By organizing a trip, your company can seek out different goals.

  • integrate new elements
  • make a team more dynamic
  • reward meriting personnel
  • accompany a merger or the implementation of new work methods
  • unify a group around a common objective
  • win the loyalty of partners
  • create new bonds within the company
  • ...

We analyze your objectives and interpret your desires to give birth, together, to the project that best matches you, from its initial design to its implementation.
Our incentives portfolio

Hand-made production

Whether its a team-building adventure on the altiplano, a murder party with a tango atmosphere in Buenos Aires, a seminar with a Maya flavor in Playa del Carmen…we combine places with personality, creative ideas and cross-country logistical organization in order to guarantee the global production of the event, in all its aspects.
Make room for imagination!

The Terra Group special , car & bike rallys

An immense playground. Environments with extreme variety. Breathtaking landscapes.
For motor sport enthusiasts, Latin America is a sought after destination.
This was already the case before a famous african rally made a stop on the continent.
And it still very much true. In 4x4 or vintage car, on a quad bike or on a Harley, in a buggy or a 2CV, on or off road: there’s something for everyone here.

Terra Group organizes since its early days its own raids and expeditions .
Word of mouth and chance meetings have led us to join the list of partners preferred by professional rally-raid organizers and to specialize in organising this type of event.
Our rally portfolio

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