Imaginative idea exemples from our destination for your company's event

Imagining how to create serendipity, making an event more exciting, how to turn an incentive into a unique experience and a trip into an unforgettable moment.

Only one guideline: no limits to our creativity. Dare the unusual!

The angels of the ring in Mexico City

Discover culture & sport – Mexico

More than just a cathartic show, the “lucha libre” (wrestling) is a real institution in Mexico.

Having the privilege of being in the ring, facing a professional wrestler, allows you to enter the heart of the Mexican culture in a fun and playful way.

At the same time it´s an excellent educational vehicle: stress management, self-improvement, confidence development and control over your body.

But what´s hidden behind that mysterious mask?

Tango mysteries in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, in the 1920s. Tango, starting in hovels and shady clubs, reaching the bourgeoisie of Buenos Aires, it is on the verge of conquering the exclusive clubs of Paris.

On the dodgy docks of Puerto Madero, a crime is about to happen. All the guests of the Hotel Patagonia are under suspicion.

Dressed in the style of the twenties, everyone plays a role, but nobody is to be fooled: the murderer is among us. Intrigue, investigation, espionage, you must watch the person next to you carefully, who seems to be innocent but probably doesn’t have a clear conscience after all.

The assault on the fortress of Kuelap in northern Peru

Team building action

Monumental walls, twenty meters high, piled over three levels, the main entrance in the form of a shrine: Kuelap, the fortified city of the Chachapoyas, “the warriors of the clouds”, seems invincible.

Therefore you must make the assault through the galleries and the ditch to reach the height of the citadel.

Necessary ingredients for the mission´s success: a good dose of team spirit, a handful of coordination, a portion of strategy, a generous pinch of energy.
Cooking everything for two and a half hours and serving it hot.

Guanacaste Express

Paper chase – Costa Rica

A GPS device, a 4×4. And one clue.

To get to the end of this paper chase which is played in groups of four, you must solve some puzzles but above all, you have to meet the ¨ticos¨, the Costa Ricans.

Welcoming and caring, they help us to visit national parks and volcanic cordilleras, to cross regions which names are an invitation to discovery: Alajuela, Guanacaste, Heredia, Cartago…

Yes, Darwin was right

Environmental Action – Ecuador

Pollution, contamination, devastation… the list of offenses imposed on our planet is long. Yes, Darwin was right, our species continues to evolve. Towards a more environmental consciousness? Who knows..

To realize that we share a tiny and fragile rock navigating through the universe, we go to the Galápagos Islands, one of the most vulnerable places on earth.

To admire an archipelago of incomparable beauty, but also to participate (every morning) in the collection of garbage, washed ashore by the sea or abandoned by rude visitors.
With the goal of preserving this sanctuary, today as well as tomorrow.

Football samba

Culture & sport – Brazil

Brazil, THE country of football, mystics and vibrating stadiums, the best players in the world, always a possible world champion.

Some formulas to feel the great passion that comes with this quasi religion:
• Participate in a private match with Bebeto, world champion in 1994.
• Go to a game at the legendary Maracanã stadium on the stand or the VIP lounge.
• Play a beach soccer tournament at Copacabana with Brazilian players.


Speed salar

Sports discovery – Bolivia

Take two French Departments (like Le Pas de Calais and Les Bouches du Rhône), cover them completely with impeccable white salt, put them up on 3500 meters, with snowy volcanoes at the horizon: Well, now you can imagine something pretty close to the Salar de Uyuni.

It´s clear, you don´t need too much space to practice land yachting.

But well, doing this exhilarating and extraordinary sport in that original environment…
Do you still imagine?

Alone in the world

Survival training – Chile

Because he disobeyed his superiors, the Scotch Alexander Selkirk was abandoned on a lost island in the middle of the pacific where he lived for five years, alone and in misery.

This misadventure inspired Daniel Defoe´s novel, which became a literature classic, and its main character gave the island its today’s name. You can´t imagine a more symbolic and isolated place for survival training.

Don´t be mistaken: it´s not about creating amazing stories and myths, but it´s much more about rediscovering the essentials of life, to draw the necessary from the environment, to forget the excess of comfort, the stress of the clock and the noise of the subway.

Welcome to Robinson Crusoe Island.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Team building action – Mexico

Hardy! Proud pirates, the buccaneers count on you!

On board of the reconstructed ships of the time, we maneuver, we slowly approach and we board the other ships. Objectives, strategy, action: Teamwork that needs creativity, competitiveness and solidarity.

You don´t need to be a big child to slip into the skin of a soldier.

But well, anyway, first of all, the team leader always wants to be Captain Jack Sparrow!

Cape Horn sailing

Exceptional Cruise – Argentina

Ushuaia. The moorings dropped, the boat enters the Beagle Channel.

With its fifteen meters, it seems small for the challenge that awaits it: direction, the end of the world. The real end of the world.
A large rock beaten by the winds that presides over the titanic encounter of two oceans: the Cap Horn.

Fjords, glaciers, deserted islands: the scenery, wild and magnificent, invites to silence and contemplation.
Mystic places.
Twelve days on a cruise out of the usual.
An exceptional gift for small, deserving groups of three.

The messengers with winged feet

Sports challenge – Peru

Thirthy hours. That´s the time the ¨chasquis¨, the running messengers, needed to go from Cuzco to the Pacific, taking paths of “Capac Ñan”, a gigantic road system, essential for the control of the Inca Empire.

You must be in excellent physical condition and prove your endurance and solidarity to relive, in a team, this adventure out of the usual.

And once you reach the destination, you´ll have the privilege to seat yourself on the throne of the Inca, carved into the cliff facing the ocean.

The great Escape

Team building action – Panama

Alcatraz of Central America, for a long time the prison Island Coiba was the biggest jail in the Caribbean. Henceforth unused, it is covered with a luxuriant vegetation where iguanas and crocodiles wander in complete freedom.

Locked into the fortress, the mission is to escape as fast as possible.

It´s useless tattooing your whole body to find the exit, but you must prove your wisdom to solve a series of puzzles and discover the key of the maze which leads to freedom.

Finally free!

The Valpo case

Treasure hunt – Chile

Sloping streets taunted by steep funiculars out of time, colored houses hanging on the side of the hill, and on the bottom the intensive blue water of the Pacific Ocean:
Valparaiso, Valpo for friends.

Climb mystic ships that assured the liaison between Europe and the west coast of the United States, city of the rediscovered pleasure after the anxiety of the terrible Cap Horn.

It´s in this bohemian and happy spot where you must follow a trail from puzzle to puzzle, the clue that leads to the logbook of Stan Philipps, the commander of the City of Aberdeen, a three-masted barque, the fastest of its time.
It is said that he wrote down the mysterious reasons for the shipwreck on a day of beautiful weather…

The last nomads of the Altiplano

Trek llama caravan – Bolivia

In the time of the incas, the caravans counted up to 3000 llamas that crisscrossed the empire, assuring the barter between the Altiplano and the fertile valleys. Although this practice has diminished due to the competition of trucks, it is however still in course and it is possible to live this rather unusual experience.

Hiking to the rythm of the beasts, joining the llameros whose lifestyle seems unchangeable, assist them in their daily tasks, marvel at a sunrise on the Altiplano and of the wild beauty of the valleys of Chuquisaca. And when the night comes, sleep under the stars.

More than a change of scenery, an immersion into the Andean culture, privileged moments, time to find yourself and to share magic moments.

The one-eyed Sam

Treasure hunt – Brazil

A tropical forest that tumbles down in an emerald sea, dozens of deserted and beautiful beaches, no cars on the horizon: Ilha Grande, a taste of paradise?
The many legends associated to the island, populated by pirates, the monsters and the shipwrecks attest the fascination it continues to have on people.

Four hours from Rio, a perfect spot for a treasure hunt in teams, on foot and in sea kayaks.

Perceptiveness, team spirit, perseverance: you should be complete to recover the treasure of one-eyed Sam from the bottom of the ocean…

The rafts of Napo

Team building action – Ecuador

Build a raft? Still…!
Yes, except this time we drop you in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, on the edges of the river Napo, a respectable distance away from all forms of civilization.

And this time, you should do everything as fast as possible: build the fastest boat, descend the river on 4 kilometers, and improvise a team song that you present to the jury on the finish line.

Now, does it still look like a stereotypical incentive?

Fantasy island

Exceptional places – Colombia

In the Caribbean, a 45 minutes boat drive from Cartagena, this breathtaking private island offers a scene out of the usual for events of 20 to 200 people.

Sea water pool, jacuzzi, massage areas, hammocks and many, many deck chairs …
This luxurious equipment is set in a wild and virgin nature, between white sand beaches, turquoise sea and emerald green forest.

Unreal, extravagant and beautiful.