A pioneer in real-time tailor-made tours since 1998, Terra Group offers reputable know-how and from the ground expertise, and a tried and tested method that lies on the individual and personalized treatment of projects as well as friendly and in depth dialog between specialist and customer with many interactions between one another.

Let's build together the right trip for you

Popular journeys or off the beaten track trips, a 6000 meters high hike or cultural
stay, jungle or white sand beach, with friends or with the whole family…choose your destination and your route with the help of our experts on the ground.

A travel advisor, locally based field expert, analyses your request: general wishes, specific wishes, dates, season, budget, size of your party, physical condition of participants…

Within two business days, the travel advisor takes all of these criteria into account and prepares the proposition most adapted to your needs, presented with clarity and precision (explanatory notes, pictures, maps) in order for your to have complete information that matches reality.

Discover the in-depth reason to why you travel


100% tailor-made tours

As the tour is private and the itinerary built especifically for you, you always have complete freedom to specify, add, modify and remove any element to your tour.


Are you travelling to disconnect from your daily routine? Or do you want to experience your passion for gastronomy or a specific sport? Do you want to see as many things as you can in a limited time? Or would you rather take it slow?

Before talking about places and itineraries, we want to understand your motivations.

Would you like an eco-friendly accommodation? A homestay in a local village to immerse yourself in the country’s daily life? A high-end, exclusive and private visit? Do the dates of your trip coincide with a local festivity you would like to experience? Would you like to shorten a part of the tour and prolong another one?


Your advisor, just like a craftsman, adjusts your project in its every detail, as often as it is necessary in order to come up with the perfect program. Your advisor will be the one to contact all our local providers and make sure reservations completely match your wishes and instructions..

Our own IT solution for local agencies, for faster and more accurate services

In order to improve the quality of our offers and the speed of our replies, we have created reliable IT solutions that match a DMC’s needs on the ground.

Faced with a lack of technological solutions for tourism agencies management, we have put together our tourism expertise and our appetence for IT and technology, and tasked a team of engineers specialized in travelling to create our own piece of software: Toogonet.

Born from the combination of a large experience in tourism logistics and the latest open source innovations, it demanded six years of development and is now used but more than 150 local agencies worldwide, Terra and competitors.

This innovative technology enables us to built 100% customized programs in every detail, quickly and reliably.

Toogonet, IT solution for DMCs


Networking with other local agencies to create synergy

Our experience with creating Toogo and selling it to other local travel agencies, and our local competitors showed us the synergies that can be built by working hand in hand with other tourism agencies, that more often than not face the same challenges as us.

We created a DMC networking plateform, Togezer, that connects travel adgents with DMCs in the destination countries. Today, Togezer had allowed networking between more than 1500 travel agents and 150 DMCs.

Their mission: facilitating the commercial relationship between local agencies and travel agents while offering the financial guarantee and administrative facilities of a Tour Operator.


You are a DMC or a travel agent looking to network?