The post-Coronavirus

Infos Coronavirus Covid-19 – Terra Group press release

We want to start with the positive and think about the after-crisis!

As some countries are reopening, we can start thinking about the “after Covid19”.
This situation is temporary, we are confident that it will be resolved in the next few months. and that your travel plans will only be postponed to better days.

In spite of the decline in our activity and that of our service providers, we are shifting our daily activity towards in-depth work reviewing the quality and using creativity to adapt our offer to the new world.

Our teams are working on new tours, exploring new regions with high potential, working on the general quality of our products… in order to offer you, as soon as tourism resumes, trips that suit you, with innovative and qualitative experiences.

Since January 2020, the Coronavirus COVID-19 has spread from China and across the world.

Terra Group is constantly monitoring the progress of the Coronavirus in our destinations, and carries out a personalized follow-up to its clients, its teams abroad and on site.




Our daily management of the crisis

All of our local teams are mobilized to accompany our travelers in this particular and unprecedented situation.

We offer you adapted conditions in order to facilitate any postponement of your stay, thanks to :


– The creation of a crisis unit, within Terra, dedicated to the subject
–  Travel consultants trained and reactive on the issue
Revised and more flexible sales conditions, postponements and cancellations managed on a case-by-case basis
Solidarity with our customers, suppliers and local providers impacted by the decline in their activity.

For any postponement or cancellation of a trip, we invite you to contact your insurance company and then to contact your local travel consultant.

Each Terra agency applies different sales conditions depending on the situation in the country where it is located.
The files are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Solidarity through the entire chain

Travellers, employees, local providers : we have to consider everyone’s well-being.
Terra Group does its utmost to adapt and facilitate postponements and cancellations for its clients, while remaining in solidarity with its providers and employees.

This crisis affects all levels of the service chain. Massive cancellations and a sharp decline in demand are impacting not only passengers, but also local teams and service providers. The latter are facing a sharp decline in their business and the resulting decline in their sole source of revenue, in countries where public aid and subsidies remain limited.

The Terra agencies strive to reconcile the interests of all and review each postponement and cancellation on a case-by-case basis.

Our local teams have been trained on the subject matter, and respect the security measures put in place in each of our destinations.
You can count on the professionalism and commitment of all our teams.


Useful updated information for our destinations

We are committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information to our travelers.
As the situation changes daily and rapidly, your travel consultants strive to keep you informed of the different measures employed by each of the destinations in which we operate.

We invite you to consult your country’s embassy  in your destination country, they are updated daily with travel restrictions and opening dates. Confined areas, regions to avoid, travel restrictions.

Useful travel information from the US government