The will to translate our qualitative knowledge of the field (in the itinerary preparation phase as much as during operations) only makes sense if we offer competitive prices, whatever the level of service provided.

This competitive approach to value stems from a twofold policy.

Cutting out the middleman

We strive to provide our services ourselves as much as possible, without middlemen.

Limiting the number of parties involved enables us to:

  • firstly, to avoid costly adding up of commissions.
  • but also to make information transmission more efficient and to have better and closer control of our operational costs.

Encouraging fair negotiation

Driven by a long-term vision, we encourage loyalty, transparency and respect in relation to our local partners (guides, carriers, hotels…)

Beyond the fact that this approach is in tune with a specific set of human values, this approach guarantees an ongoing dialog that favors fair negotiation while taking into account the situation and competitive constraints of everyone.