Never cease to aim for excellence.
This motto could be enough to sum up the state of mind that drives us.

Our quality requirements are expressed daily in our actions and through the involvement of all of the stakeholders in the company.

Select, train, evaluate

From the choice of teams in the office or that of guides and chaperones, we look for people with recognized professional performance and with a profile that suits the tasks to fulfill.

Training (location scouting, first help, languages…) is regularly offered so that each and everyone can enhance their qualifications.
Evaluation is assessed regularly in order to guarantee required performance levels are maintained.

The lodgings, restaurants and outings we have on offer are selected with the greatest care and regularly tested.

Satisfy, Satisfy, Satisfy

In the preparation stage, we commit to analyzing your request as best as possible, to offer the services most adapted and to present these with the most information possible (texts and pictures) and to reply to every query within two business days.

During the trip, we maintain regular contact to make sure operations run smoothly, solve potential issues and find solutions to problems you might encounter (delayed flight, passport loss, health problems).

We value your opinion

When it comes to finding out about the real quality of our work, nothing beats asking the advice of travellers who’ve chosen us to organize their trip.

That’s what we’ve been doing since day one, through a space on our website dedicated to gathering testimonies, thus enabling you to share what your experience with Terra Group was and to make observations and express critical comments.

Since 2013, we have reached a milestone by entrusting Avis Vérifiés with this task.  ®.

Managed by an independent company,  ® Avis Vérifiés gathers and published our customers’ review, along with the grade they give us.

This partnerships guarantees

  • authentic and impartial reviews
  • total transparency in our qualitative process

Because the world is not perfect, we are faced with some inevitable cases of complaint.
We commit to replying to each complaint; we do our best to process them fairly and to compensate our failures when these are clearly established.