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A commitment to quality

Our mission is to offer the optimum level of service at a fair price without sacrificing safety or quality.

Our expert local teams are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• Our teams are dedicated to making every effort to guarantee the best organisation to ensure the smooth running of all aspects of your trip.
55 employees in our 10 offices in Latin America are at your service before, during and after your journey, with assistance available 24 hours a day.
• Our teams are supplemented by local guides and drivers who will help you by sharing their passion for their country.
• All our branches are covered through liability insurance. We also operate a regular inspection of all vehicles and our drivers’ insurance.

Terra Group, are the designers of your trip, from preparation to its implementation...

  • Terra Group ensure the following: passenger’s safety, quality at the best price, clear answers geared to meet the expectations and needs of our travellers.
  • In preparation for your trip, one of our travel advisors speaking your language helps you define your requirements (by email and phone) and seeks to respond promptly within 48 hours max. Your travel advisor will be a destination specialist with practical knowledge in the field. We have always placed the utmost importance on research and reconnaissance of trips that allow each of our employees to know every corner of their country in order to have the latest information and to offer the most original itineraries.

Our sales teams are equipped with the latest technology to build your trip:
In terms of technology, Terra Group has been equipped with the latest in tailor made travel software TOOGO (distributed by Toogonet, visit www.toogonet.com).

  • Upon confirmation of your trip, your travel advisor works in conjunction with the head of operations. Together they review all the details to ensure that what is booked perfectly matches your expectations.
  • During the course of your trip, everything is done to ensure the quality and safety of the services provided (see our commitment to safety page). Upon arrival in country our guides will welcome you and along with the operations manager will ensure that you’re stay is the best possible. At the end of your stay, we’ll phone you to make sure you enjoyed your trip and respond to any feedback you provide.
  • Upon your return, a customer satisfaction form will be sent. This allows us to check that the hotels and services provided were up to standard, and so that we can constantly access and maintain the quality we aim to provide. We regularly check all our hotels in person to make sure we can offer you the best in all hotel categories (from 2** to 5*****). On average, Terra Group has a satisfaction rate of nearly 95% (based on customer feedback 2010/2011).

Terra Group, puts customer satisfaction above all ...

Approximately 1500 customer satisfaction forms are analysed each year by our sales teams, taking into account all feedback comments and remarks so that we can make all necessary adjustments and continue to meet our clients’ expectations.

  • 90% of our customers are very satisfied with the services included in the price of their trip.
  • 95% of customers are very satisfied with the itinerary and the organisation of their trip.
  • 92% of customers highlight the friendliness and effectiveness of our local teams.

In total, over 90% of customers would like to travel again with Terra!
* (Based on Satisfaction Forms collated in 2011)