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Who are we ?

Bringing together the mutual adventures of several friend-associates since 1998, Terra Group is a tour operator, a network of travel agencies, operating throughout Latin America (and South America).

Terra Andina Bolivia, covers Bolivia (since 1999)
Terra Andina Peru, Peru (since 2001)
Terra Brazil, the whole Brazil (since 2003)
Terra Maya, Mexico and Guatemala (since 2006)
Terra Patagonia, Argentina (since 2006)
Terra Caribea Panama, Panama (since 2007)
Terra Caribea Costa Rica, Costa Rica (since 2007)
Terra Patagonia Chile, Chile and Easter Island (since 2008)
Terra Andina Ecuador, Ecuador (since 2009)
Terra Antarctica, cruises in Antarctica (since 2009)
Terra Colombia, Colombia (since 2012)
• Terra South Africa, South Africa (since 2012)

These entities share common values, modern work methods and experiences gathered from similar backgrounds. We consider ourselves “dream merchants”, but “travel specialist to Latin America” best defines our activity.
Over the years, we have become recognized as specialists in tourism and professionals in the area of individual and a la carte (tailor-made) trip, group trips, incentive and seminars organization. This versatility also allows us to use our knowledge in other areas connected to travel: reports, editing of travel guides, photography, events, adventure travel, extraordinary trips (like crossing the continent), and actions in the area of responsible tourism.
We are committed to a diverse range of activity built around the same theme – travel in Latin America, both stimulating us personally as much as creating a synergy between our different activities.
«To root out information» for these reports we are driven to explore unknown regions, generating new contacts, giving birth to innovative ideas … which are developed to produce tourist programs (and vice versa).

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